5 Best Places to Visit When in Angola

Angola is a perfect tourist destination you can ever think of visiting. It has a great variety of exciting places to visit for the entire holiday. The following are the five best places to visit when in Angola.

1.      Dala Waterfalls

You will love this beautiful scenery. You can take more pictures to create a long-lasting memory in this beautiful experience. Just around the Dala waterfall, there is a bridge where you can get a perfect view of the waterfall and other surrounding areas.

2.      Dilolo Lake

This is the largest lake in Angola, and it is believed there are inevitable supernatural happening in this lake. This mystic happens said to prevent fishers from carrying out fishing activities in the lake. It a beautiful place to explore and get to know the reason behind these supernatural happenings.

3.      Luanda

This is a modern city located in Angola, it a perfect overlook for the Atlantic Ocean. The town has its uniqueness and charms of the city can never fade away. Further, the city has numerous ports where ships halt. However, you have to bear with high traffic because of the senior population.

4.      Benguela

This one of the remarkable tourist destination in Angola. The reason behind its popularity is the international railways which are located just around this town. Further, there is a Portuguese architecture which is eye-catching in this city. Moreover, the people around this town are friendly enough, especially if you are a beach lover. So this is the reason why Benguela is must go when you visit Angola.

5.      Arch Lagoon

It is located in Tombwa and well known for its beautiful features resulting from rock formation at Lagoon. The place is so beautiful, calm and very peaceful. Further, you can be able to get a look at exotic wildlife present in the Arch Lagoon.
There are many beautiful places to visit in Angola which capture the hearts of many. So next time when you plan Angola make sure you visit the above-named sites, and you will have a lot of fun – read article on luanda angola in which country.